About Us


Chi-Town is being represented by one of the hottest clothing lines called Collective Thoughts Apparel. Collective Thoughts offers a variety of T-shirts, Hoodies, Raglans, and other apparel. Collective Thoughts is also a line which will be spotlighting and focusing on positive images and logos.

Collective Thoughts came about in March of 2013, when CEO/ & Creative Director Abe Sims grew tired of the violent stereotype that has plagued Chicago from within, & a far.The concept began when Mr. Sims thought Chicago should be represented in a more positive light. While traveling throughout the country, Mr. Sims noticed that Chicago was being frowned upon due to all the negative media coverage.  With these thoughts helped him create the first images and logos of Collective Thoughts.


We believe that there is more to fashion other than high end, and unaffordable products for our youth, & families to purchase. We believe in quality & respectable products for all to wear.  We are fond believers that you can't move forward without respectability, accountability, & showing the ultimate respect  to those who paved the way to where we are today.  So in essence we just want to put out a product that is affordable, & of a clear cut substance.

Collective Thoughts has been worn by many Chicagoans such as R. Kelly, Twista, Derrick Rose, Deon Cole, Rodney Perry and Chicago's own mayor Rahm Emanuel just to name a few. So, we're not just asking for you to remember the name but also to support the brand.